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From the Liberty

From the Liberty

We are thrilled to receive support from St Just Town Council and work closely with the wider community to provide the services we have at the Centre.

We are delighted to have received sponsorship from Cornwall County Council.

We have benefited from support from Devon and Cornwall Housing

Cornwall Community Resource Centre supports the activities we do using Information Technology (computers)

The Centre volunteers have been trained to be Dementia Friendly. We are proud to display the certification of our friendliness 2017-2018. (Penwith Dementia Action Alliance)

The Centre has a regular free of charge Fire Safety Check from Cornwall  Fire Service.

We are part of the ‘Turn on the Tap’ incentive which intends to lessen to impact plastic bottles pose to our environment.. Click here for further information.

Family support, can be obtained from this link.

We are proud to be associated with the success of the recent Bizarre Beachcombing Exhibition.