Sustainable Pendeen

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Sustainable Pendeen is a series of free pop-up events, primarily for the people of Pendeen, about specific and locally relevant environmental issues, challenges and options. Each event will bring together factors such as scientific and practical information, local knowledge/experience and exciting experiential activities. There will be a strong focus on positive changes that will enhance the welfare of individuals, the community and our planet. The events overall will be tailored to meet the needs of all ages (including and especially children), circumstances, abilities and incomes.

The second Sustainable Pendeen event is planned for Saturday 9 November and will be all about sustainable homes. Further events to follow next year.

Off -the -road car parking is available at the nearby Pendeen Church car park. The Centre is on the 17A bus route.

Jane and Sandra , the Sustainable Pendeen event organisers, would like to thank all the Pendeen people who gave their time to help at our first Sustainable Pendeen event about transport on Saturday 24 August . Thank you all, including reception desk staff, marshals, Paulene and her Café team, raffle sellers, stands helpers etc We couldn’t have done it without you.

Thanks, too, to our brilliant Sustainable Pendeen Sponsors . Delia Webb, of Funny Faces, who designed and helped to finance our lovely, bright green, Sustainable Pendeen tote bags which are on sale in The Centre for £2. Stuart Davis , of Penwith IT Services, for giving us his professional help with setting up our equipment, computers and projector and being so helpful and supportive. We hope that everyone involved and ,especially all those who came to our first event , had a very interesting and enjoyable day. Hope to see you at the next event Sustainable Pendeen event on Saturday 9 November.Our aim has been to encourage discussion around the topic of electric vehicles and sustainable transport and we promised to relay pertinent comments to organisations and individuals from the written and verbal feedback we received. We are now pleased to complete this task . The comments we received covered the following issues:

  1. The need for central government to take the lead in promoting/subsidising/incentivising electric vehicles and charging points.
  2. That all new builds should have charging points and off -road parking.
  3. The need for there to be a comprehensive network of charging points that increases ahead of demand and is distributed geographically evenly and fairly.
  4. That charging points need to be available to those who live in flats, terraces and other homes that may not have off road parking
  5. That electric vehicles should use renewable energy and that we will need to have enough renewable energy as their use grows.
  6. That electric vehicles need to be more accessible, not just for the rich/higher earners. What about financial help to cover setting up electric car shares /car pools?
  7. The need for an integrated, reasonably priced/subsidised electric public transport system. More frequent and cheaper buses that include difficult to get to rural areas. Some people don’t drive, others cannot afford cars.
  8. Recognising that 15% of a car’s lifetime carbon footprint is in its manufacture, and similarly in scrappage and disposal. The answer is not scrapping vehicles but to use them to the end of their lives, as long as they are running as efficiently as possible.
  9. Outlaw drivers who keep their engines running while stationary, or even parked. on the ground they need the air conditioning on.

We have sent, as promised, our short report which includes details of the event and the nine points above to the appropriate organisations and individuals. They include the following: Our MP Derek Thomas, Cornwall Council’s Portfolio Holder for Climate Change and Neighbourhoods, Edwina Hannaford, the Portfolio Holder for Transport, Geoff Brown, Climate Change and Business Adviser, Ben Simpson and James Hatton, our local County Councillor, Sue James, The Town Clerk at St Just Town Council, Judith Summers at The Neighbourhood Plan, Jay Chapman at CRCC, Jill Stott The Project Manager The Tin Coast Partnership, Professor Katharine Willis, The University of Plymouth, Deborah Clarke of ACRE and the Trustees and Volunteers of The Centre of Pendeen .

Jane Haslam and Sandra Coak Event Organisers September 2019